Word of the Day Bot — December 2020

I created a Twitter account that posts a new word or phrase and its definition every day. I documented the journey from the start of the idea to the fully working project. You can find the active Twitter account here: http://twitter.com/WordOfTheDay_B

Murder With Friends – Global Game Jam 2018 — January 2018

For the Global Game Jam of 2018, our 5-man team created a multiplayer game where friends have to defeat their friends by spawning monsters and activating traps in a creepy dungeon. The main player controls a gun-wielding character from a computer, whilst the others control the environment through their phones, enabling multiplayer on a single computer.  Read more…

Unity, C#, Web Apps, Web Server, Game Design, Animation, Artwork, Teamwork


Fight Twitter HackathonDecember 2017

In this hackathon, we combined Twitter and silly physics to create Fight Twitter – a slapstick fighting game where the fighters look like real twitter users. Just enter two Twitter usernames, and slap each other off the platforms to win. This was designed and implemented in 12 hours. Read more…

Unity, C#, Twitter scripts, Game Design, Animation, Game Music, Teamwork


Rolls-Royce Starlight hackathon for HackSussexNovember 2017

After another very successful Hackathon at the University of Sussex, I review our experiences and the lessons learned from this 24-hour challenge. We took on the Rolls-Royce Starlight challenge, successfully constructing a hardware and software prototype, and being awarded with the competition’s Hardware Challenge prize and Major League Hacking finalist medal. Read more…

Arduino, C++, LED, Hardware, Electrical Engineering, Teamwork


Environment-modelling robots with sleep-wake cyclesMay-Aug 2017

Intelligent Systems MSc Thesis at Sussex University

This project consists of applying machine learning to a robotic vehicle to make it create a model of its environment through its sensory information, allowing the autonomous completion of a goal. The robot will go through “sleep-wake” cycles to accelerate the process of problem solving, by doing “offline” processing with data gathered in real-time by the wake cycle. Read more…

Python, Neural Networks, Robotics, Adaptive Behaviour, NARX networks, Simulations

Power is Everything Hackathon — July 2017

Power is Everything is a game that achieved 10th place for the Game Maker’s Toolkit 2017 Game Jam where teams have 48 hours to produce a working game.

Our 4-man team created a side Scrolling shoot-me-up with one core concept: your power bar limits your progression through the game. Read more…

C++, Game Design, Artwork, Game Music, Teamwork

WorldStoriesVR – VR history lessons — Apr-May 2017

World Stories VR is an immersive storytelling VR app whereusers can learn different topics of history, be it historical figures and their stories or countries and their past.

The smartphone app, when paired with a VR headset, provides high-quality documentary-style lessons on a chosen topic to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Read more…

C#, Unity, Virtual Reality, Technology Enhanced Learning Environments

HeatmAPP – Property value heatmap — Oct-Dec 2016

A Uk based property price heatmap application. Users can search any city by postcode or use their current location to view pricing information. House prices in the area are displayed on a scale of green (cheaper) to red (expensive). The app uses a big database on Amazon EC2 Servers and was programmed in Android Studio in Java. Read more…

Java, Android, Big Data, PHP, Software Engineering, SQL, Agile

CleverCheckers – Checkers with intelligent AI — Oct-Dec 2016

A checkers game with AI of varying difficulty. The application has a beautiful, easy to use interface, with hints to help you make the right decisions. Choose from 5 different difficulty levels or play agains another human. The application was programmed in Java using Swing and AWT. Read more…

Java, AI, Game Design, GUI, Decision Trees

SWhile – Simple IDE for WHILE — Sept 2015-May 2016

An application for programmers to write and execute programs in the WHILE language. The project consisted of making an interpreter for the language in Java with an interface in Scala.

This was used by students in the Limits of Computation course taught by Bernhard Reus at the University of Sussex. Read more…

Scala, Java, JavaCC, Compilers, Software Engineering

PdfToList – CERN Plan information extraction — July 2015

Information extraction tool for civil engineering plans. Developed for the Civil Engineering department of CERN during an internship in 2015. The program extracts all relevant and important information into an excel document. Read more…

Python, Software Engineering, Data Science