Hi, I’m Lucas!

I’m a software engineer living in Texas. I worked for 5 years in London (England) in the Financial Tech sector. I progressed from a development position to leading multiple teams of engineers responsible for most of the backend systems of our Banking Platform.

I am passionate about finding solutions to complex problems and systems design, leading engineering teams towards efficient development processes and lifecycle, and working with people from different backgrounds and roles to achieve our objectives.

I specialize in: developing and maintaining APIs: monolithical and microservice-based; handling connectivity between banking systems and third-party integrations; designing scalable and secure high-traffic solutions.

I am looking forward to deliver key functionality through good design and solid implementation, either as an individual contributor or by leading a team of engineers. I am experienced in hiring the right employees across teams, and will contribute to a company culture of ownership, customer focus, and fun.

Work experience

From 2022-2023 I was an engineering team leader at Chetwood Financial. I was responsible for the Third-party Integrations team and the Quantitative and Simulation team totaling 11 engineers. My group was responsible for most of the backend systems of the Banking Platform, and I took on the Yobota Platform Tech Lead position. Read more…

From 2018-2022 I was an engineer at Yobota, a vibrant fintech in the heart of London. Yobota built a Banking Platform from scratch, focused on flexibility and reusability. We supplied the platform to 3 financial institutions trading in the UK. The bank named Chetwood Financial acquired the Yobota platform in 2022. Read more…

In 2015 I interned at C.E.R.N. where I worked with an engineering team and where I also developed an application for the department. To see more projects I worked on, see my projects.


Masters in Artificial Intelligence – University of Sussex (2016-2017)

I completed a Masters in Intelligent Systems at the University of Sussex. I am proficient at machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, software development with version control. My Masters in Intelligent Systems expanded my knowledge of machine learning, decision trees, image processing, human-computer interaction, human consciousness, and the ethics of robotics.

My thesis involved creating a robot that would learn about its environment through a neural network and could predict its next move to help it move through space. Read more…

Bachelors in Computer Science – University of Sussex (2013-2016)

I developed skills in programming, algorithm design, software engineering, math. Some of projects I completed involve: a desktop application for students to work with a new programming language, a graphical game where players need to escape a maze, a file system on a USB key that can store files.

My thesis was in language interpretation and I built an IDE for a new language. It’s an application for programmers to write and execute programs in the WHILE language. The project consisted of making an interpreter for the language in Java with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Scala. The application was used by fellow students in the Limits of Computation course taught by Bernhard Reus at the University of Sussex. Read more…