Sep 2016 – Dec 2016

A Uk based property price heatmap application. Users can serach any city by postcode or use their current loaction. House prices in the area are displayed on a scale of green (cheap) to red (expensive). By zooming in fully individual prices are displayed. Full stack development in Java, HTML5, PHP and SQL Developed in Unity and C#.











The team was given a 3GB database with the price of over 18,000 streets in the UK. Every price was given referencing longitude/latitude coordinates. We needed to treat and organise this set of big data, and convert the coordinates into a postcode, then sort them by general location. Luckily, UK postcodes can easily be grouped using the first set of letters, usually designating the area. Once all the information was treated, we created getters that would collect the desired information and display it on a heat map on the screen. Users could then access any location in the UK with an understanding of how pricy streets compared.

We then added more functionality like a range of prices, check local prices using location, and the possibility of looking up a certain street and value.