This is the thesis developed for the last year rderf my Computer Science degree, the project obtained first-class honours.

SWhile is a simple Interactive Development Environment (IDE) that allows the creation and execution of WHILE programs in a simple Graphical User Interface, offering tools and features to aid with the understanding of the language.

The development of SWhile started with research on the language and its applications, and existing examples. Next, the back end was designed and implemented, using JavaCC to create multiple parsers and JJTree for the interpreting. Some features required parsers to convert programs into data and data back to programs using a data structure of binary trees.

The Graphical User Interface was then implemented tying together the previously developed functionalities in one window. Ease of use was important, therefore features such as syntax highlighting, line numbering, error handling were implemented to aid the user.

The project’s GitHub repo is available here: github.com/lucasrijllart/SWhile